Contract Litigation

Effective contracts are necessary for any business to protect its interests. We work with our clients to negotiate contracts to make sure that their interests are protected. However, when parties with whom our clients contract fail to perform their obligations, as experienced Chicago contract litigation attorneys, we aggressively and effectively pursue recovery for our clients by filing breach of contract actions. Likewise, if our clients are accused of breaching a contract, we forcefully defend them in litigation.

As Chicago contract litigation attorneys, we litigate disputes involving a wide range of commercial contracts, including operations-related contracts, distribution agreements, joint venture agreements, shareholder (buy-sell) agreements, purchase and sale agreements, employment agreements, noncompetition agreements, confidentiality and nondisclosure agreements, vendor contracts, and commercial leases.

Above all, we understand that the expense and uncertainty of litigation can have a significant impact on a company's bottom line. Therefore, our primary objective in all litigation is to protect our clients' legal and business interests. Whenever possible, we explore a negotiated resolution or alternative means of dispute resolution. However, we recognize that there are disputes that must be resolved in the courtroom. Because we are attorneys experienced in contract litigation, we are able to protect and assert our clients' interests efficiently and effectively in the courtroom.

Client Reviews
Sam represented our business and us personally in a contract action at a very volatile time in our lives. Not only was he knowledgeable, but his compassion and concern for us not only as clients, but as people, went above and beyond any expectations we might have had. It is very rare to find a strong legal advocate who can maintain poise, calmness, and confidence during hostile negotiations. We were listened to, consulted, and kept informed of all aspects of the litigation, and his concern for us financially was refreshing and much appreciated. We wholeheartedly give Sam our highest recommendation. Patricia
Sam Neschis has represented my companies for approx 7-8 years. I work in the financial / mortgage / real estate industry and overall don't trust anyone. I trust Sam, and I know and feel he is always looking out for my best welfare. Sam can service many areas in my line of work, but if Sam isn't the best suited attorney in the legal area I need help in, he always goes out to help find the proper attorney to assist me and my needs. In other words he just insn't going to bill to bill. He tells you if he can handle the file, but if he can't - Sam cares enough to send you in the proper direction. After I met Sam in person, it really sealed the deal for me. He is calm cool and collective - I like Sam as a person and as an attorney.. Thank You Sam!!!! I would recommend Sam Neschis to anyone and everyone!!!! Anonymous